Looking into procedural side walls for holes. Already writing out specific case scenarios to extrapolate a formula for the final class procedure.


Automatic window instancing works! Walls will cut out holes automatically for the windows measuring their dimensions first and then instance the window prefab in the cutout area!.



Wall generator slowly being implemented into the level generator (still only 1 side) with automatic box colliders based on holes in the wall / floor.


Optimizing inventory system to reduce update costs.



Coding in thickness to procedural walls.



A quick video of the procedural cutting taking place. Added in random holes with random dimensions and offsets. All works ok. Nothing breaks.



Fixed the player and enemy spawn points for randomly generated rooms. No more falling into the void ­čśŤ



Room generator progress




Game rewrite to C# going well.

Most basic scripts are up and running (guns fire, drones work).  still needs a rewrite:

– Level manager
– Inventory
– Tape deck player



Possible extended version


Basic version



Modular segment update



Trying out a more modular approach to the level design. Will try to hook element configurations to XML files to enable a future level editor


Fixed a spawn bug that would sometimes place the player in the wrong spawn point (before level shuffles).

Working on optimizing portals to just one update instead on many per portal group.




Build after portals

Latest build. Got enemies to spawn after the rebuild with portals. I will have to get the save / load per room feature sorted out before it will be fun again.


New software locked for future projects. Refreshing my Maya knowledge and brushing up on some Z-Brush.

Got a prototype up and running with a new occlusion system with a AABB test that will shut off adjacent rooms when they are not visible. Just have to migrate the code to take into account a group of portals instead of one.

30.09.2015 23:35

desert eagle Desert Eagle .50 Work in progress

21.09.2015 21:32


21.09.2015 16:30

Redesigning UI. Hooking up custom volume slider & drop down menus

20.09.2015 23:07

15.09.2015 20:39

Mobile turret tyres can now be shot out

Mobile turret tyres can now be shot out to slow it down

20.09.2015 16:48

Added some weight and angular drag to the gun drone. It now has a slow “bomber” feel to it instead of a querky light fighter. Fixed it’s firing code.

Might add in some form of laser sight and a timer for “calibration” to give the player some heads up to telemark the shot.

7 thoughts on “Updates

    1. Yes it is still being made. Sorry for the long reply ajax was broken on the site and I couldn’t read messages. Mostly making progress on the c++ side so not much to show at the moment that would be interesting to the public.


  1. It’s impressive how much progress you’ve made despite being a single developer! Can’t wait to see it finalised.

    One question by the way, how did you manage to make the camera move in the way that it does? With the gun being able to move on it’s own until it goes too far left/right. Looks quite difficult to implement!


    1. I’ve been able to implement it to a degree but it is linked to a late camera rotation (adding in a buffer for rotation).

      I would much prefer it be linked to the character rotation so that the weapon can regain center position at a moments notice.

      It’s on my todo list but first I need to add in aim offsets to make the characters hands follow the weapon on the fly.


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