Sound compile error….fixed

Was having major problems with compiling sound cues. Blueprints inheriting an actor with a USoundCue reference would crash the editor with a dandy error

“…Assertion failed: !HasAnyFlags(RF_NeedLoad|RF_NeedPostLoad)….”

I was also getting eternal link errors.

Turns out even including the proper headers still made it crash on load.

A handy fix is to just use

#include “Classes/Sound/SoundBase.h” AND then use a pointer to USoundBase which is the parent for both the sound cues and sound wave assets. No more probs 🙂


IK foot placement c++

Working on translating an IK foot placement BP script to pure c++ to get max performance and FPS. Translation sitting at around 80% (still some slight jitter due to it not stopping at resting length). Will have a video update once it’s ready.

Building up systems

Project is slowly gaining speed. The merge of small projects turned out to be slightly more daunting than expected (Unity beats UE4 from a migration standpoint hands down). Building up some core inventory systems.

Split out the inventory system from earlier to an actor component so I can now attach it to crates / broken machines / characters etc. Still need to get the slots working but the ui and basic information already seems to have passed correctly to the components (just the ui needs some rewiring)

Put together a more coherent interaction interface that will propagate between weapons / items / switches. (All interactables now have outlines once you are within range and can be picked up / operated once focused)

Made a basic lock system for automated doors. Now thinking of migrating it to a component to use in combination with lockers to unify the interface more.

Moving platforms are also merged into the project. Put a turret on a platform and it aimed even while on the move (they should be able to be mounted on bots / vehicles in the future)

Writing up some components for machines on paper for now.

ideas for now

  • weapon slots (turret and fixed)
  • camera / lidar slots
  • ammo container slot
  • battery pack slot
  • “brain” slot
  • transmitter slot (for inter machine communication)


Merging projects

Slowly merging in projects from test levels into a sort of playground. UE4 unfortunately has no easy way of importing blueprints based on custom c++ parents.

This leads to a lot of tedious reworking of blueprints and sometimes outright recreations of blueprints from scratch. Not a fan…..

Well I’ve learned my lesson. Better to just keep it all in game even if parts might be axed. It will be slightly harder to debug new features but the migration process isn’t worth the hassle.

Inventory update

Added in item splitting / stacking and dropping. Items spawn on drop in their set amount. Item weight limit is now in effect even after the rebuild to a TArray. Still needs some fringe case checks in certain situations but it stabile. I will be merging it into the main project soon.

Inventory first steps


Starting up an inventory system. Started with the base c++ example and expanded it with possible item stacking. Stil need to be able to split / use and combine objects.

Still deciding on if to use a drag and drop or list style inventory.

Anyway conversion to type TMap gave me the possibility to keep things nice and tidy.

Aaaaaand I totally rewrote the turret blueprints to pure c++ because we all need some extra fps.