Slide system working :)

Added in a c++ based slide class that should be able to work with the hinge class to make a bolt locked weapon. Still need to modify the systems so they can pass states between each other.

Have most parts needed for basic guns now. Just have to hook them up in the right configurations and write up subsystems for states (slide eject states, slide hammer interaction etc)

With the evolution of guns I’ll probably add in a possibility to set speed with curves for slides and rotations (probably a timeline implementation for that case)


Hinge system working.

Got the hinge system up and running. Just tested it out with nested actors and it seems to work ok. Should be ok for break action shotguns and lever action rifles. It’s also the basis for the revolver hammer.

It can also be used to animate static meshes in scenes without the need to use skeletal animation systems.

Should have most of the parts needed to construct a working revolver soon.

Will need to add in a slide joint for slides and bolts but it should be doable within the next day or two.


Muzzle flashes implemented. They can randomly scale and rotate per shot. Added lighting effect to shots too.

Working on a hinge system to animate revolver cranes, belt fed covers, hammers and triggers etc. Will be loosely based on the revolver cylinder code.


Programming the modular gun. So far focused on chamber code. Porting previous blueprint prototype into pure code where possible. Implemented magazine with mixed bullet types.

Integrating different feed mechanisms:
* Magazine & clip (yes I know the difference)
* Single round (bolt rifles)
* Cylinder fed (think revolvers & grenade launchers like the M32A1)
* Belt fed

Guns with multiple chambers will be possible (DP-12 and double / over-under shotguns will work with this system)

Chambers and ammo have specific calibers that have to match up to work.


Reworked ui removing binds (cpu intensive) to dispatch messages

Moved to 4.20

Pushed latest update to the latest engine version 4.20. Slight code changes to get it to compile correctly. Should have some time this weekend to add some new features.

Looking into modular weapon parts (already went through a few approaches to the system and I think I’m close to something usable)