Modular elements

Working on modular level elements to build up a parts library.modularSegments


Gun animation combination / door skeletal mesh


I was finally able to get the animation blending up and running without skewing or deformations. I’ll hook up progress of sub animations to variables to be able to pull the trigger at the same time as the slide is pulled back.

I was also able to get a skeletal mesh with custom collision mesh up and running. Hooked up a timeline in c++ and can now open and close it at will. This will also allow for complex doors / animated bridges etc

Sorry for slow updates but my pc is really not getting along with newer versions of software. I need to replace my rig  ASAP to get rid of graphical errors due to newer shader models.

First person cam basics working

Implemented a basic fps cam with switchable 3rd person cam. Weapon aiming is still far from done but already have some basic mouse positioning running, need to implement offsets and such.fp_cam

Basics of inventory system are slowly forming, but I still need to decide on the code hierarchy and dependencies. Right now I might rebuild the connections so far. I’ll have to block it out on paper first.

Need to get server code in place. Pickups seem to not work with more than 1 player.

Targeting and derived classes

Was finally able to get derived pickup classes up and running ok with socket mechanics. Weapon aiming is also in place. Now I need to hook up ik from the shoulder to the wrist and lock it to the gun handle. Then start working on some free aim mechanics (now it’s aiming towards a ray cast)targetting

Missile turret wip continues.

Added in a timer mechanism for repeated fire of the launcher (files each missile in succession).

Still need to get around to animation blending. Playing an animation currently overrides the animation blueprint. Will probably have to look into a full state machine to switch events.